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Today’s soul searching mission. When your mind won’t stop spinning, I revert to spinning wheels until the mind slows and the core facts reveal themselves like the tide pulling away. (at Bolinas Lagoon)

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Rapha Gentlemen’s Race out of Boulder 

Photography: Jordan Reid, Kevin Scott Batchelor and Jason Paul Stewart 

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This one-off IPA from Bike Dog featured a combination of Galaxy and Amarillo hops, which I thought worked out very well together. It was delicious, and with so many IPA’s flooding the market, it can be hard to find one that stands out anymore. 

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I’m really digging North Table Mtn right now. Shamefully I’ve only ridden it twice. It may not be much of a challenge on an MTB but it’s just the right mix of challenging and fun on a #cyclocross bike, or #traildonkey, as it were. The views are second to none right at sunset. #colorado, you are rad.

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